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Overview of Pinnacle Response D.E.M.S

Pinnacle Response Digital Evidence Management Systems (D.E.M.S) is part of a holistic solution that provides for the capture, management and sharing of body worn video.

It is tightly integrated with our market leading PR5 & PR6 body worn cameras, which help deter offenders and capture video footage of important events.

The platform provides is a robust solution for criminal justice and adjacent security agencies that require a secure camera-to-court strategy for media captured on body worn video cameras. The system offers a powerful and streamlined scalable workflow that minimises the complexity of digital asset capture, management and retrieval.

PR6 D.E.M.S. Network

When a PR6 camera is connected to a PC running the D.E.M.S. sync application, any video on the device will be securely uploaded to the web application server. The video will then be queued to the transcode server for processing, and eventually stored in the video file storage. 

When a video is viewed, it is retrieved from storage by the web application server and is streamed to the user’s browser. 

All network communications are over TCP/HTTP port 80 and TCP/HTTPS port 443 (recommended). Note that alternative ports may be used with the appropriate configuration

The Digital Evidence Management Software (D.E.M.S.) solution is composed of two major parts:

•     D.E.M.S. Sync utility. The purpose of this component is to connect to the camera and securely offload and upload the video content. The utility is a lightweight application that will run on any standard Windows PC (certain hardware and software pre-requisites apply). The Sync Utility should be installed close to where the cameras are actually being used, i.e. in an office location that camera users return to at the end of each working day. The utility can be deployed in multiple locations, which suits a distributed office environment, or on multiple PCs in the same office if required. It can also be installed onto virtualised desktop applications, assuming these have access to the local USB port on the physical PC.

•     D.E.M.S. Web Application. This application is used to securely store the video, and provides all of the searching and viewing functions to users according to their permissions. It is deployed in one centralised location, which is either in the customer's own data centre, or in the Cloud. If deployed on premise, the web application is installed on one or more servers (depending on the overall capacity of the system) and is connected to disk storage to hold the video. Users connect to the application using a standard web browser.

The below diagram is a default setup and can be customised to you network needs.

Features & Benefits



Camera Support

D.E.M.S software is included with our PR6 and supports our PR5.

Device Management

Scan officer/user ID and camera serial number with a barcode scanner to book cameras out (assigned) and book in to automatically upload footage.

Controlled Access

Password controlled access levels. e.g. via LDAP.

Secure Data Transfer

CJS compliant transfer protocols. WPA2, SFTP & STP.

Digital Signature

We retain an encrypted master file of the original video or asset and ensure its integrity using hash-based verification.

Encryption Key

All recordings are encrypted via AES256 in our PR6s.

Video Metadata

Automatic video metadata tagging including officer/user, camera serial numbers & date/time stamps.

Manual Tagging

Manually tag footage with configurable categories, tags, case or incident IDs - depending on your needs.

Audit Trail

Fully search able reporting on user access, views, editing and sharing activity. Complete system accountability from camera-to-court.

Workflow Support

Support your organisation's specific business processes and the ability to regularly review recordings.

Retention of Files

Configurable retention periods with auto-deletion of non-evidential files after desired period.


Ability to mark in and out points on a timeline and generate standalone clips retaining all associated metadata and tags. Integrity of original footage is maintained.


Select still jpeg snapshots from marked points on timeline.


Share evidence with external parties efficiently through audit-controlled exchange of compressed video clips or links to controlled area. Respond quickly to evidence access requests by downloading video recordings.

MOPI Compliance

We fully comply with the Home Office (2005) Code of Practice on Management of Police Information.

Search and Review

Full search function by any criteria allowing the review of original and generated clips. Refinement using search facets.

Legally Admissible Evidence

Supports your organisations compliance with ISO15801:2009 / BS10008 or PD0008 equivalent

IL4 Network Support

Operates and does not compromise a "Confidential" IL4 network environment.


Store media locally, in the cloud or via a hybrid option.


Intuitive web-based user interface. Platform independent and mobile-friendly.

Body worn cameras protect your employees & benefit your organisation

  • Protection Supports the lone worker or enforcement officer, promotes confidence and provides a tangible backup in confrontational situations.
  • Deterrent Moderates behaviour and encourages compliance through heightened awareness.
  • De-escalation Verbal articulation that recording has commenced often prompts modified behaviour by both parties and de-escalates a situation.
  • Transparency Contributes significantly to the drive for transparency and accountability in the public arena.
  • Accuracy Provides verifiable audio/video reporting including an overview of the scene, time-stamp, verbal exchanges, sequence of events and valuable first-account witness statements.
  • Time-saving Minimises lengthy descriptive reports and paperwork.
  • Evidence Footage from body worn video devices is admissible throughout the judicial chain.
  • Judicial Efficiency Accelerates the judicial process, by speeding up prosecutions and encouraging early guilty pleas.
  • Reduces Complaints Members of the public are less likely to make spurious complaints against workers.
  • Reduces Absenteeism All the above improve worker working conditions and promote mental well-being in vulnerable staff.
  • Loss Prevention The combined benefits of body worn video contribute to efficient workflow and cost-saving.
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