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Pinnacle Response is a world leading manufacturer of the highest quality body worn video cameras for Police Forces and the professional Security Sector. Two models of body worn cameras have been carefully developed, the PR5 and the PR6. Each camera provides exceptional HD audio visual quality matched with market leading durability through design. An intuitive Digital Evidence Management System (D.E.M.S) allows the storage and review of video footage with secure, evidential integrity.

Our cameras are used in over thirty countries around the world by thousands of customers including UK and European Police, Local Authorities and professional Security within prestigious organisations and businesses.


Our whole ethos and commitment revolves around body worn cameras – it’s what we know and what we are passionate about. Established in 2007, Pinnacle Response had the foresight to realise the scope of this exciting and emerging industry and fully committed to designing and developing superior, user friendly camera solutions and secure systems.


The Pinnacle cameras and software solutions have evolved over time thanks to availing from feedback and technological advancements. We started with a blank sheet and designed and developed technology that we believe stands head and shoulders above everything else. Unlike many other camera re-sellers, we do not simply re-package existing technology. We design, manufacture, distribute and retail of our very own unique solutions.