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Body Worn Cameras for Every Industry

Industries benefitting from body worn video technology

Police forces and Prison Services around the world have been increasingly utilising and benefitting from body worn video technology over the past 10 years. Body worn video cameras are significantly revolutionising the judicial system benefitting both Officers and the Public. The ability to accurately record events in real time with evidential integrity and D.E.M.S is building confidence in policing on both sides of the lens. We are proud to support a wide range of Police customers around the world from each and every continent with exceptional feedback and a genuine appreciation for the products that Pinnacle designs and manufactures. Our continued desire and ability to produce the very highest quality products for professionals puts Pinnacle ahead of the rest.

We have two options of body-worn cameras to use within Northamptonshire Police, but the Pinnacle PR6 is by far the best. It’s ruggedised, has fantastic audio/video quality and a very fast and simple upload. I have been given a personal issue PR6 camera and got in touch with the company to order a spare cable, which arrived the very next day. Body worn video has become a vital tool in Policing, my colleagues and I have every confidence in the PR6.

Special Police Constable Russell Barnes