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    At OS Comms, we believe in providing quality and custom solutions for our clients. Our partnership with Pinnacle Response allows us to provide superior body worn camera solutions and bespoke video management systems. As the demand for technology grows, OS Comms look forward to continuing to work in partnership with Pinnacle Response.
    Jason Okoh - Sales Director
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    ABM UK

    At ABM UK, we strive to develop strong, long-lasting relationships with our suppliers. Pinnacle Response has been a dedicated supplier of our security staff's body-worn cameras for two years owing to the quality of its equipment and outstanding customer service. We look forward to building on this relationship in the future.


    Kevin Fiddes - Security Compliance Manager
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    Northamptonshire Police

    We have two options of body-worn cameras to use within Northamptonshire Police, but the Pinnacle PR6 is by far the best. It's ruggedised, has fantastic audio/video quality and a very fast and simple upload.  I have been given a personal issue PR6 camera and got in touch with the company to order a spare cable, which arrived the very next day. Body worn video has become a vital tool in Policing, my colleagues and I have every confidence in the PR6.


    Russell Barnes - Special Police Constable
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    University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS 

    We have found the Pinnacle body cameras invaluable in preventing anti-social behaviour and confrontational situations, and they continue to provide peace of mind and protection for our Car Park/ Security officers. The PR6 cameras and the DEMS software are user-friendly and easy to use. The on-going customer service from Pinnacle Response has been outstanding, all the staff I have dealt with have shown great patience and knowledge and always find a resolution to any problem.

    Gavin Darby - Patient Services Assistant Manager
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    "We are very satisfied with the service and product that we have received. The ongoing support from the team at Pinnacle has been exceptional. This has been from day one and continues to exceed our expectations.

    In terms of the cameras, they are easy to use and we have seen reductions in abuse to staff, efficient complaint mitigation and resolution and have supplied quality evidence to the police to support prosecutions when the need arises".


    Neil Hutchinson - Head of Security
  • Testimonial

    Hull University Union

    “The PR6 body worn cameras have been a fantastic addition to our security at Hull University Union. The cameras have acted as a real deterrent and the number of incidents has fallen since they have been introduced. In the event of an incident, the cameras can be quickly turned on and the quality of the footage and sound is second to none. The door security team have welcomed the introduction of the cameras as they give an independent record of the entire incident. Pinnacle have been very supportive throughout and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a body worn camera solution in their venues”.

    Andy King - Commercial Services Director
  • Testimonial

    The Westgrove Group

    “As part of our bespoke service provision, Synergy by Westgrove, we are keen to offer our Partners innovative and cost effective security solutions which includes wearable technology. Our colleagues work across the UK many in town and city centre locations where they deal with a variety of incidents day and night. Body cameras help them to feel protected whilst also providing crucial evidence if required. The solutions offered by Pinnacle Response help us provide the best service to our teams and Partners”.


    Tom Lewis - National Operations Manager
  • Testimonial

    ABM UK

    Nationally we use Pinnacle Body Worn Cameras at the vast majority of our sites now, either the PR5 or PR6 models and would highly recommend the use of these bdody-worn cameras in any operational arenas. Pinnacle as a business have a real partnership approach in supporting their customers needs.


    Mark Willmoth - Security Director
  • Testimonial

    Fort Kinnaird Retail Park

    After testing several different models of body worn cameras from various companies, Pinnacle Response was by far the best. Within the security industry, it is now essential for staff to be wearing body worn video cameras. It benefits our staff by giving them extra security and can help with Police investigations in the long run. We have only had to contact Pinnacle for tech support and customer service once and they were a great help.

    Fort Kinnaird - Edinburgh
  • Testimonial

    React Community Support

    REACT UK Community Support have been using the Pinnacle Response body-worn cameras since 2016 after our volunteers managed to raise funds for body-worn technology for the safety of both our volunteers and the public. We now use these body cams on street patrols and during community events. We have found the Pinnacle body cameras invaluable in preventing anti-social behaviour. Where necessary we can gather credible evidence which we can, if necessary pass onto the Police to assist with prosecutions.

    Community Support
  • Testimonial

    NESC Northampton

    The Pinnacle PR6 body worn camera is my camera of choice. When I need support I know the Pinnacle PR6 will never let me down.






    Pete Spink - Deputy Commander
  • Testimonial

    Aggregate Industries Ltd

    We wanted a camera that offered both crisp audio and HD video. Although other products existed, none could come close to the audio capturing capability that the PR6 camera has. This was the only camera we trialled that met the core specification. The PR6 has brought some welcomed technology into the core business and gives us not only a security feature but provides health and safety benefits. It adds commercial value in recognising our ability to dispute claims. The D.E.M.S system is easy to use and navigate which enables ease of uploads and content management. Customer service from Pinnacle Response has been amazing, the staff have all shown the company in a great light and do not stop tasks or issues until a resolution is in place. They can even look at developing new solutions based on feedback.


    Aggregate Industries Ltd
  • Testimonial

    Kingdom Services Group

    In my opinion, the product is the best on the market, with the support of encryption and industry leading back office software. I also like the design of activating/deactivating the camera, quick and simple. We use the Pinnacle PR5 and PR6 body-worn cameras including DEMS, with up to 300 body cams in use across our officers and clients. Many of our clients have chosen to purchase Pinnacle Body Worn Video Cameras after observing our enforcement officers using them. The DEMS system allows Kingdom to provide a transparent service to our clients as it is cloud-based, which our clients can access with their credentials.  The system is easy to use for our employees to upload the footage and the quality of all uploaded footage is phenomenal as it is in 1080p HD, with a panoramic view of the area. We also have access to unlimited support for our officers and clients. The technical team at Pinnacle have worked directly with our local authority clients if or when required.

    John Dunne - Kingdom Services Group
  • Testimonial

    Court Enforcement Services Ltd

    A week-long trial of PR6 and DEMS was provided for Kevin at Court Enforcement Services.
    It only took 3 days for Kevin to make his decision - here's how he got on!

    Initial thoughts (26/06/18) :
    "Trailing out pinnacles PR6 BWV this week. Thanks to the Technical Team for setting up the back office with me this morning, it looks like an amazing bit of kit and is an essential asset moving forward in our industry".

    Mid-trial feedback (28/06/18) :
    "I absolutely love it. It’s so practical and the ease of access and information with DEMS is exactly what this industry needs. The whole uploading of the footage is effortless".


    Kevin Stokes - High Court Enforcement Agent
  • Testimonial

    Northamptonshire Police

    As part of our Body Worn Video Project in Northamptonshire we purchased a number of Pinnacle Response body worn video cameras as a compact, lightweight and easy to use video solution.  Uniformed Officers have enormous confidence in the Pinnacle product.  Body worn video technology has become a vital tool in front line policing.

    PC Barnes
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