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Our Clients

  • "After testing several different models of body worn cameras from various companies, Pinnacle Response was by far the best. Within the security industry, it is now essential for staff to be wearing body worn video cameras. It benefits our staff by giving them extra security and can help with Police investigations in the long run. We have only had to contact Pinnacle for tech support and customer service once and they were a great help"






    Fort Kinnaird, Retail Park
  • "We wanted a camera that offered both crisp audio and HD video. Although other products existed, none could come close to the audio capturing capability that the PR6 camera has. This was the only camera we trialled that met the core specification. The PR6 has brought some welcomed technology into the core business and gives us not only a security feature but provides health and safety benefits. It adds commercial value in recognising our ability to dispute claims. The D.E.M.S system is easy to use and navigate which enables ease of uploads and content management. Customer service from Pinnacle Response has been amazing, the staff have all shown the company in a great light and do not stop tasks or issues until a resolution is in place. They can even look at developing new solutions based on feedback"

    Aggregate Industries Ltd
  • "Safer York Partnership in conjunction with North Yorkshire Police have recently deployed Body-cams within the city centre and the night-time economy. These have proved successful at bringing successful prosecutions through a stronger evidence base. Officers have found the easy to use operating system ideal for deployment and the presence of body worn CCTV has been helpful at calming down situations"







    North Yorkshire Police
  • We purchased from Pinnacle Response after an extensive industry wide trial of body worn video technology. In the end, Pinnacle’s product was found to be head and shoulders above the rest. We simply couldn’t find a better camera able to provide the same fantastic quality, in both audio and video.

    Ipswich Town Football Club
  • Over the past 2 years we have purchased over 400 PR5 body worn video cameras from Pinnacle Response.  The consistently high levels of service, product quality and speed of turnaround on orders have made Pinnacle Response our partner of choice.

  • The PR5 body worn camera has well and truly exceeded all our expectations.  We were amazed by the professionalism of staff and the end to end user experience. We quite literally took the cameras out of the boxes and starting using straight away – no difficult set up or charging times. On reviewing, the footage we were amazed at the quality of the sound and the picture.  We will be buying more.

  • Hundreds of our UK stores use the PR5 body camera from Pinnacle Response.  The technology has been highly effective in protecting customers & staff and has become an integral part of how we run our business. Our recent upgrade to the incredible new PR6 with DEMS has been very successful.

  • As part of our Body Worn Video Project in Northamptonshire we purchased a number of Pinnacle Response body worn video cameras as a compact, lightweight and easy to use video solution.  Uniformed Officers have enormous confidence in the Pinnacle product.  Body worn video technology has become a vital tool in front line policing.

    Northants Police
  • We have purchased quite a few PR5 and PR6 cameras. A good quality product for capturing footage, easy to use and hassle free (no leads etc). The cameras have allowed us to capture anti-social behaviour and crimes in real time and react quickly. They are also an excellent deterrent when out on patrol and with the IP66 water proof rating we don’t need to worry about the weather.

    London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Body worn cameras protect your employees & benefit your organisation

  • Protection Supports the lone worker or enforcement officer, promotes confidence and provides a tangible backup in confrontational situations.
  • Deterrent Moderates behaviour and encourages compliance through heightened awareness.
  • De-escalation Verbal articulation that recording has commenced often prompts modified behaviour by both parties and de-escalates a situation.
  • Transparency Contributes significantly to the drive for transparency and accountability in the public arena.
  • Accuracy Provides verifiable audio/video reporting including an overview of the scene, time-stamp, verbal exchanges, sequence of events and valuable first-account witness statements.
  • Time-saving Minimises lengthy descriptive reports and paperwork.
  • Evidence Footage from body worn video devices is admissible throughout the judicial chain.
  • Judicial Efficiency Accelerates the judicial process, by speeding up prosecutions and encouraging early guilty pleas.
  • Reduces Complaints Members of the public are less likely to make spurious complaints against workers.
  • Reduces Absenteeism All the above improve worker working conditions and promote mental well-being in vulnerable staff.
  • Loss Prevention The combined benefits of body worn video contribute to efficient workflow and cost-saving.
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