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Industry Sectors

  • Police

    Police forces around the world have been increasingly utilising and benefitting from body worn video technology over the past 10 years.

    Body worn video cameras are significantly revolutionising the judicial system benefitting both Officers and the Public. The ability to accurately record events in real time with evidential integrity and D.E.M.S is building confidence in policing on both sides of the lens.

    We are proud to support a wide range of Police customers around the world from each and every continent with exceptional feedback and a genuine appreciation for the products that Pinnacle designs and manufactures. Our continued desire and ability to produce the very highest quality products for professionals puts Pinnacle ahead of the rest.

  • Local Authorities & Councils

    Local UK authorities and councils are finding more and more uses for body worn video technology as the emphasis shifts towards staff safety, greater accountability and local community engagement.

    Officers and Wardens from a wide range of sectors are now wearing body worn cameras in the majority of local authority and council areas across the UK. The latest technology is now deployed for waste management sites, areas where anti-social behaviour is witnessed and as part of local community based safety initiatives.

    Pinnacle Response works with a growing number of local authorities and councils across the U.K. including Dover, Causeway Coast and Glens, City of Edinburgh, Caerphilly and the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Harrow, Enfield and Hounslow.

  • Security Industry

    Body worn video technology is transforming the private and public security industry by using the technology in a variety of environments. Blue Chip companies and large Corporate Enterprises are increasing investment in quality technology to deter criminal activity, aggression and generally enhance security throughout the world. The cameras prove to positively modify public behaviour and protect the wearer from false allegations.

    Core uses for body worn video technology in the security industry include facilities and event management, door staffing, guarding, key holder services, close protection, and on-campus security.

    Pinnacle Response supplies body worn video technology to the vast majority of the largest U.K. private security and public service provider companies including, G4S, Securitas Security Services, Kingdom, Vision Security Group (VSG), Cordant and Interserv.

  • Retail and Leisure

    The retail and leisure sector is one of the fastest growing sectors for body worn video technology.  This sector includes everything from multi-national grocery and general merchandise retailers to sports arenas, football clubs, night clubs and luxury goods manufacturers.

    The benefits to the industry of using body worn video technology include deterring anti-social behaviour, all aspects of loss prevention, staff safety and reducing incidents of aggressive behaviour towards staff by the general public, fulfilling employer's duty of care towards employees well-being and safety.

    Pinnacle Response customers in this sector include luxury yacht manufacturer Sunseeker, Ipswich Town Football Club, Iceland Foods, Intu Retail Group and pub chain Wetherspoons.

  • Transportation

    Passenger numbers on trains, buses and private hire services are growing every year along with calls for greater transparency and public accountability.  The use of body worn video technology is on the increase across the vast transport network in response to these calls.

    Body worn video technology is being put to good use in three specific ways;

    1.) Customer complaint handling using video footage is being used instead of online complaint forms to create reporting efficiencies right across the transport network.

    2.) Courier and delivery personnel are using body worn video technology for quality assurance purposes as proof of delivery with signatures being captured by camera.

    3.) As an effective deterrent against ticket fraud and anti-social behaviour.

    Our customers include Network Rail, First Group, Grand Central, Translink and private hire firm Addison Lee.

  • Emergency Services

    This important sector encompasses Fire & Rescue, the NHS and many key Civil organisations. The ability to perform emergency and lifesaving roles efficiently is crucial.

    It is an unfortunate reflection of society that often these guardians and first responders are faced with anti-social behaviour whilst carrying out professional duties.

    Our PR5 and PR6 cameras have proved invaluable for Emergency Service staff and employees.

    Body worn video evidence is often shared with Police to enable a full accurate depiction of events resulting in convictions, safeguarding both the professional and the public.

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