Compact, Lightweight, Durable
    and Simple to use Cameras

    Body Camera & Accessories

    Body Worn Video Accessories

    The PR5 is the most intuitive body-worn video camera on the market, distinguished by crystal-clear optimised audio and HD video.

    Reasons to Use Body Cameras

    REasons to use body-worn cameras

    Body cameras look set to transform 21st century policing and this has implications for all security and enforcement sectors.

    Screen-less Body Cameras

    Body Cameras Without Screens

    We manufacture cameras without screens because our customers tell us that is what they want. Read why.

    Body Cameras and The Law

    BWVC and the law

    What UK legislation governs the use of body worn video technology?


    We rarely deploy the camera for actual use, the sight of someone wearing it seems to be good enough to calm any situation, bu...

    Doug Carey, Reuse & Recycling Reception Centre


    80% Of incidents less likely to go to trial
    £400k Savings in first year of use
    60% Reduction of serious assaults
    Hospital uses PR5 body camera to secure convictions
    Feb 2015

    Convictions for violence against health workers secured due to PR5

    The largest health board in Wales takes a stand against abusive behaviour in A&E and introduces body-worn cameras on security staff to protect health ...

    Feb 2015

    Body cameras a success since 2008 for small airport police force

    Body-worn cameras cause a dramatic reduction in complaints against airport police officers....

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