Pinnacle Body Cameras


Pinnacle Body Cameras

PR6 Body Worn Video Camera

  • Full HD Recording 1080p or 720p

  • Configurable Encryption Levels

  • Enhanced low light capture

  • Pre-Event Buffer / Pre-Record

  • Single Shutter Activation


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"an unrivalled system of evidence recording and management"



Why Body Cameras Work


Why Body Cameras Work

Body cameras: how their presence protects your employees & benefits your organisation

1. Protection

Supports the lone worker or enforcement officer, promotes confidence and provides a tangible backup in confrontational situations.

2. Deterrent

Encourages compliance and prosocial behaviour through self-awareness and cognisance of implicit consequences.

3. De-escalation

Verbal articulation that recording has commenced often prompts modified behaviour by both parties that deescalates a situation.

4. Safety

Reduces verbal and physical attacks on workers.

5. Transparency

Contributes significantly to the drive for transparency and accountability at the public interface.

6. Accuracy

Provides verifiable audio/video reporting including an overview of the scene, time-stamp, verbal exchanges, sequence of events and valuable first-account witness statements.

7. Time-saving

Minimises lengthy descriptive reports and paperwork.

8. Evidence

Footage from body-worn video devices is admissible throughout the judicial chain.

9. Judicial Efficiancy

Accelerates the judicial process, by speeding up prosecutions and encouraging early guilty pleas.

10. Reduces Complaints

Members of the public are less likely to make spurious complaints against workers.

11. Reduces Absenteeism

All the above improve worker health and safety, working conditions and promotes mental well-being in vulnerable staff.

12. Saves Time & Money

The combined benefits of body-worn video contribute to efficient workflow and cost-saving.